We are dedicated to the nonresistive training of horses, according to their capability, to become the best each individual horse can be. As the old masters used to say, “Ask often, be content with little, caress a great deal.” We believe this philosophy of training will resolve many riding issues and create a willing partnership that both the rider and horse enjoy, no matter the horse’s breed or age.

Why are so many horses being retired in their prime? Why must so many undergo joint injections as a maintenance procedure? By training a horse progressively and gradually the way the masters trained, your horse can remain sound, active, and healthy for its entire lifespan. We focus on the two-year foundation training period that will set your horse up for success in any discipline. We stress having the patience to wait for the horse to develop the correct musculature for what we are asking, and we do not rush the process so there are no gaps in development. This is how  horses were trained for generations before they had to endure the short-sighted training and overwork of today without correct development of the topline.


Work in Hand

This is a forgotten art and a crucial training tool. It’s how we explain to the horse what we want when they are under saddle. It lifts the horse’s back, and each step taken in this correct, active frame will develop the muscle the horse will need to remain over its back in all the gaits eventually.


We see lunging as riding from the ground. The purpose of classical lunging is not to wear out a horse or to make it safe to ride. It allows the horse to grow stronger in all the gaits without the weight of a rider on its back.


Classical foundation training incorporates riding when the horse can lift its back under the weight of a rider. We start by teaching the horse to ride in a stretch with contact, and as the horse is able, we bring him up to the working gaits using lateral movement to help strengthen the horse’s topline. We practice opportunistic riding, taking advantage of what the horse offers each day.

Creating A Willing Partnership, One Horse At A Time

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